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Idea created by Mark Soole on Jan 11, 2016
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    We would like to use rubric without having to put in points against each line.


    One of the more difficult issues we have is that rubrics in Canvas need a mark against them, even if they are not tied directly to the final mark and do not have a total. In my university, academics use rubrics only as an overall indicator of the strengths and weaknesses of work. If we put marks against them, we find the student may focus on the score rather than the on what is being communicated, and in any case the mark on the rubric has no meaning.


    Attached is a description of the simple change we would like

    see in Canvas






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    July 2016 update from Mccall Smith

    I was able to meet with some of you to further discover use cases and problem/benefit statements around this feature request. With out your contributions in the community, it would have been much more difficult to connect...THANK you for your contributions!


    At this time enhancements to the rubric isn't in the immediate future. The engineering team that is currently aligned with rubrics are dedicating work to outcome enhancements. Since I do not believe this will get built in the next 3-6 months, I am going to archive this feature request. However there is good news, since our outcomes are tightly integrated with rubrics I am hoping we can squeeze this one in over the next 6-12months. Stay tuned!