Display Discussion Rubrics by Default

Idea created by Isaac Piercy on May 23, 2016
    Open for Voting
    As a K-12, we love that Canvas has built-in rubrics for assignments. We are also thankful that whatever rubric we create is displayed prominently, just beneath the content of the assignment while in student view. This is a great reminder for middle and high school students because it is so easily seen.


    For some reason, this is not true of Canvas discussions however. Rather, students must click on the "settings gear" and select "show rubric" to generate a pop up display. This is not ideal, and most of our students forget that rubrics even exist for our online discussions. As an adaptive measure we have begun taking screenshots of our discussion rubrics once they are built and then inserting them at the bottom of the discussion prompt. This is quite time consuming, but we need to do this to keep our student's replies focused and on topic.


    I would propose that rubrics for discussions are displayed automatically at the bottom of every discussion prompt, just as they are for general assignments. Or, at the very least, make it a course setting: "display discussion rubrics automatically."


    Thanks for considering!