Differentiated Notifications for Differentiated Assignments

Idea created by NU-Jonathan DIehl on Oct 25, 2016
    Open for Voting
    Canvas allows for differentiated assignments; however, notifications for differentiated assignments go out to the entire class and not just the recipients of the differentiated assignments. So even if an assignment is differentiated (say in a multi-section course), notifications about that assignment, such as unmuting, will go to the entire class and not just the section for which the assignment is differentiated.


    Let's say that you have a multi-section course with multiple instructors. Instructor A teaches Section A and Instructor B teaches Section B. Both instructors have a "Final" assignment (one for A and one for B) that are differentiated for their sections respectively. When Instructor A unmutes her assignment, all the students in sections A and B receive the notification that the assignment has been unmuted and their grades are ready EVEN IF the final for Section B is still muted. This causes great confusion for the students from Section B.


    Please make it so that notifications for differentiated assignments are only sent to the students affected by the assignment.