SIS ID column in Gradebook

Idea created by Lisa Ward on Feb 6, 2017
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

    For more information, please read through Canvas Release Notes (2020-01-18) 


    At present, the SIS ID is not available via browser view of the Gradebook. It shows up as a column in Excel when instructors export the gradebook, but it would be extremely useful to have access to this information without the trouble of exporting and then importing.


    Instructors who grade anonymous paper submissions, for example, would be able to input grades a great deal more efficiently. Aside from the student name column, the only other student identifier is a column for login ID, which is some version of a student’s name. Thus, there’s currently not a useful way to match students to anonymous paper submissions. While adding a “Notes” column and hand-entering SIS IDs does function as a workaround, doing so introduces many possibilities for error and is inconvenient for instructors.