Add email bounce count to the Communication Channel API

Idea created by Jaap Stelpstra on Apr 5, 2017
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    • Jaap Stelpstra
    • Bas Giesbers
    • Erich Holtmann
    • Rhonda Bauerlein
    • Kori Schneider
    • Genetha Smith
    • Matthew de Jong
    • Iana Atkin


    Frequently email addresses used in Canvas bounce emails while admin are completely unaware this is happening.

    Possible causes:

    • people start using other email addresses and close the previous one
    • people change email addresses because their name changed because of marriage
    • people change jobs, the old address is terminated and a new one created
    • the university disables the university student email account for inactive students
    • new mail is rejected because the mailbox completely full
    • etc.


    Currently Canvas does not (yet) offer a way to proactively identify these problems, while teachers assume all their students receive notifications of e.g. announcements, assignments, etc. as configured in the notification settings.


    Suggested solution

    Let Canvas keep a record of every bounce email returned when sending notification emails to users and when using the Communication Channels API return the value "bouncing" (or a better word) in the "workflow_state" field of the related user.

    Edit: Canvas already stores a bounce count per communication channel (see bounce_count, this field should be added to the Communication Channels API.