Add email bounce count to the Communication Channel API

Idea created by Jaap Stelpstra on Apr 5, 2017
    Open for Voting


    Frequently email addresses used in Canvas bounce emails while admin are completely unaware this is happening.

    Possible causes:

    • people start using other email addresses and close the previous one
    • people change email addresses because their name changed because of marriage
    • people change jobs, the old address is terminated and a new one created
    • the university disables the university student email account for inactive students
    • new mail is rejected because the mailbox completely full
    • etc.


    Currently Canvas does not (yet) offer a way to proactively identify these problems, while teachers assume all their students receive notifications of e.g. announcements, assignments, etc. as configured in the notification settings.


    Suggested solution

    Let Canvas keep a record of every bounce email returned when sending notification emails to users and when using the Communication Channels API return the value "bouncing" (or a better word) in the "workflow_state" field of the related user.

    Edit: Canvas already stores a bounce count per communication channel (see bounce_count, this field should be added to the Communication Channels API.