Ability to download and save all feedback in Speedgrader not just annotated work in DocViewer [Crocodoc]

Idea created by Kate BRIDGEMAN on May 18, 2017
    Open for Voting

    A number of institutional courses are accredited through external bodies who require samples and evidence of students work that has been marked, displays the grade and feedback. 


    The current scenario of only being able to download annotated work through DocViewer [Crocodoc] is not sufficient and excludes any feedback provided through the ability to use comments. The workaround of having to take screenshots and copying and pasting this evidence is particularly cumbersome. There must surely be other institutions that have to comply with these regulatory frameworks. 


    There is also the additional benefit of students being able to download and retain copies of their work which has been annotated, graded and provides feedback which can be saved to a location outside of the VLE.