Class Average in Gradebook

Idea created by Karl Thompsen on Sep 7, 2017
    Open for Voting

    I would like to share the idea of adding a "Calculate Class Average" in the Gradebook for each course. Right now, a teacher may view the average for each assignment by selecting "Assignment Details" but you cannot view the average of all the students' averages. So for example, if there were two students in a class, and if there are ten assignments for each student, and one student has a total assignment average of 100% and the other student has a total assignment average of 50%, the class average (the two students together) would be 75%. This could be particularly useful for determining whether or not a teacher is grading overall too harshly or overall too easily. For example, a class average of 90% may indicate that the teacher is grading all assignment overall too easily. This feature is in X2 Aspen and is listed at the bottom of the column that displays each students individual average for the class. I've attached a sample of what this looks like in X2 Aspen and would be really helpful in Canvas.