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Ally support for Canvas...does it exist?

Can anyone recommend someone that is versed in Ally for Canvas? Every call I've had with Bb has been disappointing as soon as I mention Canvas. I wasn't able to connect with the Bb Ally Team at InstructureCon17 but would really like to get my Canvas specific questions answered.
Or if there are any campuses that are currently piloting or using it that would be willing to Zoom with my team to discuss and share (please let me know)?

Thanks for your time,


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Hello Kristi, 

We are looking into piloting Blackboard Ally. I am surprised that you are having difficulty connecting with them. They definitely connect with Canvas and we were able to get a demo phone call. I can talk to the sales rep on who you can contact to have a successful conversation with them.

I can let you know if we are going to be purchasing it or not for this year. 


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Hi Kristi,

 We are also using Ally with Canvas and the integration is seamless. I'm also happy to set you up with the contacts that I have with Blackboard Ally support. I think it's a pretty new team so perhaps some growing pains?  It's good feedback to share with them for sure.  We were working initially with the Ally Development team during our pilot phase this Winter/Spring but we formally transition to our Blackboard support team today!  It's a great tool and we're super excited to be able to have it on our campus. 

I'm also happy to chat with you.  


Yes, we have yet to see anything specifically about Canvas. Our demo was only in Blackboard and the on-boarding call was exclusive to Bb too. Since the call, we have opted to only try it in Canvas and forgo using it in Bb our last semester....Spring 2018 Canvas exclusive campus!! 
Thank you for your input.

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 @kristi_oneilgon ‌ I just emailed our Sales rep and he gave me his peer name who is handling your school. David Jero   I am sure if you talk with him he can set you up with a Canvas only demo. 

Hi Amy,

How exciting!! I would greatly appreciate any assistance. Thank you for sharing. I will touch base with my team and see when we can connect.

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It looks like your questions have generally be answered. A couple of additional notes in case it is helpful: 

  1. Blackboard Ally did their first integration with Canvas and though they now work with Blackboard, the tool itself has thus far been platform independent. Meaning, the core product has similar features across Blackboard, Canvas and any other integrations they will offer. Although there are some issues that are implemented a little differently depending on what system you are using, the core tool and functionality are very similar for both. 
  2. Ally does have a User group at Dashboard - Ally User Group  where they share their release notes and there are a number of discussions about the tool happening. 

Thanks Christopher for your suggestions and clarification. 

Community Team
Community Team

Hi All,

I just wanted to mention that Bb Ally's Community Manager,John Scott recently joined the Canvas Community and will be monitoring to help people who use Ally in Canvas.  Welcome, John!

That's good to know  @scottdennis .  Welcome  @john_scott1 ‌!!

Los Rios just signed a 3 year contract to use Blackboard Ally for our four colleges (and around 53k FTES) this month, so we are very excited to know that BB is going to be working with and monitoring the community here in Canvas as well.