Google Drive Apps not submitting correctly

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I have Assignment Enhancements active in my classes, and in the past week or so documents submitted through Google Drive (both the old one and new LTI 1.3 since our school has both active) do not load in Speed Grader. With the old Google Drive app, I need to download and change the extension to .docx to view them. With the LTI 1.3, the file is completely corrupt and won't open.

The issue is completely resolved if I turn off Assignment Enhancements.

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Thank you, all, for alerting us of this issue. As @audra_agnelly mentioned above, Google is still working to support SpeedGrader with the new LTI 1.3 integration. Our team was able to deploy a fix for the issues that some of you were seeing with the older integration last night, so all should be working as expected once again. If you experience any additional issues, please submit a support ticket so that our support team can investigate and escalate to engineering as needed. 

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