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Some new features are currently only available within the beta environment. See what’s new and share your feedback before these features are made available to all Canvas users.

Currently no features are available for beta-only feedback. Please see available features in the Beta Feature User Groups tab.

Some new opt-in features are available in the production environment but are in a beta state, meaning they are still subject to change. Provide your feedback and help contribute to additional improvements before they’re enabled for all Canvas users.

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New Analytics

New Analytics provides a richer analytics experience for course grades, weekly online activity, and individual student view. All analytics also include mobile page views. Analytics can be displayed in a grid format or in an interactive graph.

New Rich Content Editor

The New Rich Content Editor is an update to the previous Canvas Rich Content Editor. It provides a condensed, more intuitive toolbar that is grouped by common icons and interactions.

New Quizzes

New Quizzes is an assessment engine that integrates with Canvas as an LTI tool and replaces the classic quizzes functionality currently existing in Canvas. Instructors can use New Quizzes to create assessments using a variety of questions types.

Student Assignment Enhancements

Supported student assignments display an improved interface and submission workflow. This change improves the student experience in completing and submitting assignments, viewing rubrics, and locating instructor feedback.

The following features in this section have been removed from the beta environment and may be re-introduced in a future release.

Canvas LMS

Plagiarism Icons

Originally introduced in Canvas Release Notes (2020-03-21) | Canvas LMS Community

For information on changes made in the production environment, please review the Release Notes.