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I am trying to find the best way to set the start and end dates in our courses.  We use blueprints to create our courses. I have something strange happening.

I created a course integration file with the start and end dates in the file.  I do an SIS import.  The dates are present in all my new courses. However, the "Restrict Student" boxes are checked, which I don't want.  So, I go to my Blueprint course to see if they are checked there and they are not.  When I return to the course created from the blueprint, all the start and end dates are gone.

I go back to the blueprint course, add the dates there to see if they will carry over to the new courses and they do not appear in the courses.

I am working in the test environment.  Does that have any bearing on why this might be happening?


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Community Coach

Hello @pdigiacobbe ...

Sorry to see that your question has been sitting out here for so long without a response.  If I am reading your question correctly, you have a course assigned as your "blueprint" course, and then you have some other courses (think of these as your "child" courses) that are synced to your "blueprint" course.  The "child" courses all have the course start/end dates in course "Settings" which were brought over from your SIS import.  Does that sound right so far?

In your "blueprint" course, are there start/end dates listed in course "Settings"?  If not, it could be that when you are syncing content from the "blueprint" courses to the "child" courses that it is wiping out those dates in each of the course "Settings" pages.  We've experienced this and have had to re-enter the start/end dates that were wiped out in those "child" courses.

Not sure if this is what you are also experiencing, but just a thought I had for you.  Hope it helps in some way.  Take care, stay safe, and be well.

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