Can I view a dropped students previous grades?

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Our Canvas system is using real time integration with our Banner SIS system.  When a student drops a course, it seems that they are completely deleted from the course they dropped from.  I am wondering if there is any way, after the student is dropped, that we can find what work they did complete, and what their grades were for the their completed work before they were dropped? 

Also, being that we are using real time integration, is there any way to prevent a student from being deleted from the course completely, and maybe just be set to "inactive" instead?


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@James Jones answered this pretty well here. We have had no problem re-adding the students and retrieving their course activity as long as they have not been removed as users from Canvas. We do not use "inactive", but yes, you could have the status changed instead of deleting them when your process runs against Banner. 

If the user is removed from Canvas, then it is my understanding that the data is gone.

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