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Course evaluations

Good afternoon everyone:  ​Lorain County Community College will begin using Canvas for the summer semester beginning May 26.  I am in need of your collective expertise.  What are you mechanism are you all using for course evaluations?  We have been able to do so in ANGEL And are brainstorming for future ideas.    Thank you for your time.  Susan

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We have been using a third-party solution from It integrates quite well with Canvas and provides a "turn-key" solution for course evaluations. I feel this is a good choice for community colleges or other smaller institutions that lack the in house resources that would be required to code something entirely custom. However, Canvas does offer customized solutions through their "ProServ" department. Contact your CSM (Customer Success Manager) for more information about the ProServ options.

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Community Coach

Deactivated user, good to see you in the Community! I know I already responded to you via email, but I'm going to include my response here as well.

For all course evaluations (f2f, hybrid, and online) we use a homegrown system - which prevents students from duplicating their feedback, automatically creates the evaluation for each course, and automatically releases it to the right instructor after the end of the semester.

Before we developed our own system we used Survey Monkey for our online courses and paper/pencil for f2f and hybrid. The biggest problem with Survey Monkey was that we had to manually create a survey for each section being evaluated (it wasn't too bad because we would just copy the master and rename it), but we still had a unique URL for each survey that then needed to be sent to the right instructor with information about which course it applied to or manually added to the correct course. This took up a LOT of time and energy.

Looking forward to seeing what other people are doing for course evals!

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Community Coach

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We have been using EvaluationKIT since the Summer of 2013 and it has been an awesome experience for us.  As awilliams​ mentioned it is a "turn-key" solution that now has CAS authentication.  We have a large number of departments using it with an average response rate of just below 50%.  We do have some departments that have upwards of 90% to 100% response rates.  We are using it for all online and any face-to-face courses that want online evaluations.


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Hi Susan,

We've been using an external evaluation app that we built using PHP/MySQL. It's authenticated through our campus single sign-on, so students log in and see evals for courses they're in, and then can only fill out the evaluation once. We provide instructions to our faculty about how to refer students to the eval tool... a combination of announcements, adding to the module, etc. Response rates are pretty good, and since it's the same login as Canvas, there's usually little loss there.


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We have done all our course evaluations electronically for several years. First I used Survey Monkey and it became a huge, complex task with a lot of work required for cross-sectional reporting.  Next I went to CoursEval - easier than Survey Monkey but still required a lot of imports/exports.  SInce this is only one of many hats I wear at our small college, I needed something faster, and I kept having error issues.  The errors are more likely on my part, but I also had a lot of complaints from students that they couldn't get logged on at high use times.  Now we have moved to EvaluationKIT.  I've only used it one semester so far but I love it.  Even just learning the ropes it took me half the time of CoursEval and a small fraction of the time for Survey Monkey.  I am not getting any error reports about who is in what course because it is fully integrated into Canvas!  I can't goof that way!

Our end of semester evaluations have only been open 3 days and I already have a 20% return rate which is incredible.  I always shoot for 75%, but at best get 60%. (Faculty still long for the 100% completion of paper evals but are adjusting their expectations gradually. I just remind them of the work of hand compiling by peer faculty and how much they loved that!)  I am anxious to see what % of return we will have this semester.  One of the options in EvaluationKIT is the ability to create a pop-up-box that appears in the course, once students enter the course with an open evaluation.  You can even set it to require completion before continuing into the course.  I've enabled the pop-up for the last week of classes but allowed the user to click to do later.  After the last Friday of class though, I've set it to not allow student's to continue until they complete their evals.  (I didn't want anyone to have that required response to appear if they were entering a final exam!)  Students typically check courses frequently for final grades until the SIS has the official grade the following Wednesday, so those checking grades over the weekend and until Wednesday are likely to complete and I hope to see improved responses. 

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Baylor University also uses the EvaluationKIT system.  When we started, we deployed that simply LTI integration that showed "Course Evaluation" links in every course menu all year long regardless of whether or not that course is actually being evaluated.  With their new integration using some custom CSS and JS code that you add to your main Canvas account settings, the "Course Evaluation" link shows up in the course menu only in those course with an active evaluation.  In addition, when students enter a course with an open evaluation, they get a friendly reminder to complete their evaluation.  Once the evaluation window closes or they complete their evaluation, they no longer see the course menu link or the reminder.  It is a really clean and simple (for the end users) implementation.

My only complaint about the system is that EvaluationKIT uses the short name for matching to their side of things instead of the SID ID.  If you are used to working in SIS IDs for most integrations, using the short names takes a little getting used to with EvaluationKIT.

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We also use Evaluation Kit. With the LTI plugin and the pop up in Canvas, it is hands down the best product I have seen. We set the popup so the students can opt out the first week, but at the beginning of the second week they students must take the evals before it lets you into the course. Also the automated email communications have a great link that takes students straight to the evaluation. There are also mobile apps as well.

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UM-Dearborn is also using EvaluationKit.  We started a pilot in Fall 2014, and has a response rate of around 65%.  The system was adopted fully by 3 of our 4 colleges (the 4th remained in Pilot mode) for Winter 2015, and we ended up with a 56% response rate.  The setup process was pretty easy, even with our somewhat complex organizational structure here.  I would definitely recommend checking them out.

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Reformed Theological Seminary uses SurveyMonkey. Our Distance Education courses are on rolling enrollment so we have a "Course Survey" and a "Professor Survey" that we use for all of our online courses.   Our residential Hybrid courses also have a survey.  SurveyMonkey's latest update includes a better Graphic User Interface (GUI) for designing and branding your surveys and allows for more granular control over the design. They also have several different question types, question logic, etc. It's been very useful for us.

You can export the results based on a date range or other filters. An exports can be done as csv, pdf, ppt, etc. You can also include open ended comments in the export and have the option to have one question per page for a cleaner export.