Student's Canvas quizzes keep crashing

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I want to put this question out there to see if anyone else has experienced this issue. It's hard to tell if this is a Canvas issue or not because there are so many factors involved.

First, we are a high school (8-12) using Macbook Airs (2017) running Mac OS Sierra (between 10.12.3 and 10.12.6). The students and teachers are all one-to-one. I work in the I.T. department and I'm our department's primary contact for Canvas issues.

I have one 9th grade student who keeps getting kicked out of the browser whenever she takes a quiz on Canvas. I have not been able to determine why this is happening. Here's what we have tried:

The student has used several different laptops, including her original and 3 or 4 different spares, all Macbook Airs.

This has happened during Canvas quizzes she has taken in four different classes. 

We created a new Active Directory login account for her.

We have had her use three different browsers (Chrome, Safari, Respondus Lockdown Browser).

We have had her log in to her new AD account and as a local administrator.

We have had her use two different Canvas accounts to take the same test quiz.

We have had her logged into her G-suite account on one laptop and not logged in on another.

I ran Malware bytes and removed any strange Chrome extensions I saw.

I have taken two different quizzes (the test quiz and a Geography quiz) while logged in as her with no crashes.

So the only common factor is her.

I can't figure this out. It's completely baffling me. Any thoughts? Has this happened to anyone else?


Paul BIleci

Mount Carmel Academy

I.T. Department

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