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How do students who registered via Catalog know when their self-paced course is ending?

This is critical information for a "self-paced" course not being monitored by a teacher, like ours.  But it turns out it's not that easy to tell. I was just making a section in my "How to Succeed" tutorial about this and found out that it's a bit of a process. 

First, they have to go back to our catalog homepage to look up the "Time limit" listed on the course tile. Then they have to go to their Student Dashboard to see when they enrolled.  Finally, they can use that info to count out when their enrollment period ends. 

No wonder so many students don't complete these courses on time!

By the way, I submitted a related idea and it's Open for Conversation.  If you're interested, please converse!


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@dljoyork Thank you for creating this feature idea. This happens when the days to complete function is on since students have x number of days to complete the course once they select the enroll link AND this also happens when there is an end date but they still have read only access to the course.