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I have uploaded a page to Canvas Commons for my staff that I would like them to incorporate into their courses as a template. When I try and provide the direct resource link from commons, the link takes the teachers to the generic Canvas log on page. Our school district has their own instance of Canvas. Even if the teacher logs into our Canvas instance and then tries to click on the link, the link still directs them to the generic Canvas log on (Which we do not have) and no way to verify our SSO (Our SSO is Google but clicking the Google icon doesn't work either).


Is there a solution to this? As it stands, I'm having to tell my teachers exactly what to filter to find out template for their course.

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Hi @macoe 

Canvas Commons is tied directly to Canvas accounts, and can only be accessed through Canvas.

But wait, there's more.........................................

There is an easy work-round for this that I just tested, post the link in Canvas. I would suggest using a global announcement for teachers only. I realize that some teachers won't need it, but the ones who do will get it.

Alternately, while more tedious, you could filter your Admin People tab to show instructors, then message each instructor the link. Unfortunately, you have to do this one teacher at a time.

Finally, have you tried playing with Blueprint Courses yet. You could push the desired page to all necessary courses using a blueprint course. Learn more at....


Good luck,



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