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Can't change avatar url via api

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user[avatar][url] used to work, but no longer. Using curl and python, separately, I can change other user variables, but not the avatar url. Has the api changed?

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Yes, we are using an API call to change the avatar url to point to files

hosted in the cloud. To make that happen, we had to ask Canvas/Instructure

to whitelist the site where the files were located.

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On Fri, Dec 7, 2018 at 10:02 AM <>

Thanks a ton. I saw it somewhere else that mentioned this little bit of information, but did not really expand on it. We tried a Gravatar link and it uploaded the picture perfectly. Now we have to do it on a mass scale haha. I am going to have a talk with Canvas on Monday, I will see if they can whitelist our site so we can do uploads instead of relying on Gravatar.

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Much obliged a ton. I saw it elsewhere that referenced this tad of data, however didn't generally develop it. We attempted a Gravatar connection and it transferred the image consummately. Presently we need to do it on a mass scale haha. I will sit down to chat with Canvas on Monday, I will check whether they can whitelist our site so we can do transfers as opposed to depending on Gravatar.

Hello Colin. We are trying to bulk upload pictures for our students and I read your post that you upload an image file for each user rather than pointing to a url. Can you please let me know how you are accomplishing it? We thought of using the API with the url option but there are some concerns from our security admin. Thank you!