Account level calendar (and sub-account level calendar)

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

Account level and sub-account level calendar use cases:

  1. Holiday dates
  2. Open days
  3. Special events
  4. Competitions

All users within that account or sub-account would see these calendar events.

Community Novice

Would particularly like this idea if we could simply embed the many Google Calendars we already use for this type of administrative scheduling.

Also, this needs to not count against the 10 calendar limit students have on their mobile devices.  We already have issues with students dropping assignments from their calendar due to passing the 10 course limit for calendars.

Community Novice

Yes please! This would be a great feature to add our academic calendar to Canvas.

Community Novice

This would be very helpful.

Community Contributor

This would be extremely helpful for department leaders to keep track of due dates 

Community Champion

I've been asked about something like this multiple times. It would be so beneficial for us.

Community Participant

5 years and we're still asking but yet we get confetti submissions that none of us asked for?

Community Member

Brand new to Canvas. Would love this to happen!

Community Champion

And an elementary font that does nothing to help students.

Community Novice

Why not yet? This is a must have! Make it so, pls!

Community Member

Our district would love to see this feature.