Add time option to bulk assignment due date changer

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

The bulk due date changer released 4/18/20 is wonderful, but doesn't include the option to set a due time. Let's vote up the idea to add time to the bulk due date changer!

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Very much agree -- the bulk date change is great, but I still have to go in manually to every assignment and change the time, so the bulk change feature advantage is pretty much nil for me.

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Yes, @laureneissler, I have had the same thing happen to me.  I really like the bulk date editor, but it would be even better with the ability to edit times right then and there so I don't forget to do it later.


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Echoing previous comments asking for a way to bulk update the time assignments are due (in addition to the date). Being able to change the due dates in bulk doesn't save our instructors very much time if they need to manually change the time each assignment is due.

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The tool doesn't help if we have to go into every individual assignment to set the time. The previous LMS we used, ANGEL, allowed for bulk update of both date and time.  Please provide this functionality on CANVAS.

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Yes please! I accidentally set a bunch of assignments to be due at AM rather than PM - this shouldn't be so tedious to fix.

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We have several faculty clamoring for time to be added- there is a significant use case for larger class impact.

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Yes! This feature would be useful if it includes TIME in addition to date.

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With virtual classes returning to in-person courses, I've had to change due date times multiple times. Although a good start, this due date changer has caused issues with due date time and closing time in multiple assignments (although in the changer, it all looks the same). The addition of time would save a ton of time for next semester as I redo assignments to be due at the start of class.

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When user clicks on "Assignments", click on the "three dots"/Assignment Settings button, and choose "Edit Assignment Dates", one can bulk update "Due At", "Available From" and "Available Util" dates for multiple assignments.

However, those input fields are indeed for dates, not times. The default time is 11:59pm.

We would want to add time pickers for those date fields.

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I absolutely agree with this suggestion. I was also somewhat shocked that the ability to edit times was not included in this very useful update. I hope the Canvas team is working on this and will include it in the next update.