[Admin Tools] Course filtering options don't make sense


Here I've selected hide courses with 0 students and show only blueprints.

Blueprints can not have students, so I can't see any bluerints.

If you click "show only blueprints" it should turn "hide 0 student  courses" filter off.

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I was just about to post this same "IDEA".

Seems like a pretty simple code change.

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Agreed. I uncovered another issue with the filtering options. If you select "Hide courses without students" it still shows courses with '0' in the Student column!  What is happening is there are two different filters being used. 1. The "Hide courses without students" counts inactive students. 2. The Students column apparently counts only active students. It ignores inactive students since the number in that column shows '0' even if there are inactive students in the course. 

I would suggest that the the "Hide courses without students" use the same filter as the Student column or adjust the "Hide courses without students" to allow for choices to ignore or not ignore inactive students.

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Hi @kmahaffy,

This is an interesting observation.

We have thousands of courses in which all the students are concluded, from past years.

The "Hide courses without students" button doesn't hide them!




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