[Announcements] Post announcements in multiple courses at once

I would like to see a feature in Canvas that allows you to create an announcement then choose multiple courses  in which you would like to see the announcement posted.  The current process is time consuming and tedious; you create the announcement then open each course and copy and paste it into each separately.
Note from the Community Team: We are aligning this with a very similar idea, https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/2703-common-announcement-to-all-my-classes

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Seriously.  Please add this as a feature.  Soon. 

I had serious work that needed done today, along the lines of grading and such and wasted 15 minutes posting and then updating the same four announcements to four classes, which is ridiculous.  Really glad I spent 12 years of my life in school and invested a minor to moderate mansion in student loans so that I could spend 40% of my time cutting, pasting and uploading redundant information into the LMS...  


There has to be an easier solution.  It's just a secure, interconnected database, not the space shuttle.  


Appreciate the RSS solution from @kvjansen above.  Could also keep and push out articles more efficiently in this manner, most likely.  Will be looking into this. 

Appreciate everyone's creative angles.  I'll go digging in the GitHub repository for an out of the box solution when I have time, but with permissions/sandboxes as they are, I'm not yet envisioning how that might work as an API, but I bet there's a work-around that's at least less mind-numbing than cutting and pasting multiple times. 


I don't mean to be exceedingly grumpy about these things, but the workload has quadrupled since we've committed to making remote learning as exciting and invested and interactive as in-person classes (as it SHOULD be!). 


Any extra ounce of energy I have needs to go into finding new, better ways to promote engagement with my students and ensuring their progress, not wasting valuable time cutting and pasting. 

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Crosslisting doesn't work if you have classes on A/B schedule with different due dates for assignments. Thus, they have to be different course shells. But announcements may still apply to both A/B day courses!

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My institution will not let me merge my sections of the same class due to FERPA.
I would like a way to link my sections so that I can send the same announcement to all sections.

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Please, Please add this feature already 😳...

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It would be useful to post an announcement to several courses at once. 

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Please move this up and help us be able to work efficiently!

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So... it's now 2021 and we still can't do this?  

Hello... is anyone home?

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Please add this functionality! Combining sections is not a viable alternative. Sometimes I have to post the same announcement to my Algebra course and my Calculus course.

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I would like to activate this conversation again.  This would be a great feature for teachers.  here is a school that created a locally developed tool to make it work for them: https://kb.iu.edu/d/aqyj#ann


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This would be very helpful!  I often have an announcement about something that would be of interest to multiple classes that it would not be appropriate to cross-list.