Apply Status [missing, late, excused] while in Speedgrader

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For more information, please read through the  Canvas Release Notes (2021-10-16) .

With the new Gradebook, you can apply one of these status items to an assignment:



Our professors would like the ability to toggle different status markers while they are in Speedgrader.

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Having the ability to excuse and adjust the late penalty as well as the assignment while in SpeedGrader would be amazing. I'm already in SpeedGrader to assess the assignments and sometimes I've already made arrangements with a student to excuse the assignment or late penalty. Having to go back to Grades, find the assignment, the student, open the sidebar, and excuse is a pain and too easy to forget while grading so many assignments.

It would also be nice to be able to excuse the late penalty for an entire assignment. For example, if I gave the class more time but I don't want to change the original due date, it would be nice in Grades to turn off the late penalty just for that assignment.

I LOVE the automatic late penalty ability but these adjustments would be incredibly helpful.

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Great suggestion.  This seems like an obvious addition to SpeedGrader.

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Community Coach

I grade through solely through Speedgrader. After grading a student's assignment, I noticed that an assignment is late because the late penalty was assessed on the score. I would like to know specifically how late. Then I can determine [like if it is 0.01 days late] to remove the late penalty- without having to exit speedgrader and remove the penalty from the gradebook. It takes me out of my grading flow, is inefficient time-wise and simply is annoying [even though I got mad love for Canvas]. 🙂

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Community Coach

Great idea jillmallek

lisaarter  @valentinesking ‌ I agree this would be super helpful to graders who have some discretion in flexibility of applying late penalties, e.g. when systems are unavailable or there are submission issues.

qub speedgrader™gradebook efficiency 

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This is crucially needed! I recently caught some instructions given to a faculty member that they would need to give extra points to a student to offset the late penalty when the student was excused for their lateness. This was because the instruction-giver (and faculty member) didn't know that the status could be modified -- they were in SpeedGrader of course (where it can't be modified) and they didn't realize that it could be modified through the fly-out in Grades.

I was fortunate that the instructor reached out to me for verification on the instructions so that I could explain about the Grades fly-out. Imagine the unhappiness with Canvas if the misinformation had perpetuated among the faculty!

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Would be helpful if I could type "M" for missing like the "EX" for excused.

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This isn't just a great idea.  It's necessary!  Yes, please!!  Teachers waste so much time having to go back and forth from Speed Grader to the Gradebook.  Why not have the same capabilities in both?

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I never have understood why it would be changed to Late if the first submission was not late but a re-submission was after the due. Due dates should only apply to the first submission. 

However, if we can't get Canvas to remove the Late on re-submissions, then it would be nice be able to change it when you enter a new grade in Speedgrader. 

Don Quick

Colorado State University

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an "incomplete" option would be great also

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I was just grading and needed to make an assignment marked on-time rather than late for the student due to technical problems and was frustrated to realize this wasn't in speed grader! backing out to the grade book is and leaving my grading is rather annoying. Hopefully, this is fixed. It would make grading so much easier!