[Assignments] per-user-reattempts for assignments

Your new "Assignment Allowed Attempts" feature is useful and aligns the behavior of assignments and quizzes in Canvas. Please consider adding the option of per-user-reattempts for assignments. This can be done through moderation for quizzes and is very handy in our standards based assessment environment. Our students can request a reattempt on assignments and quizzes after demonstrating that they are better prepared.

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I was reminded of another use case for this earlier this morning by another question in the Community. 

Let's say we allow a single submission and a student submits an assignment to the wrong location. Submissions cannot be deleted and we cannot (currently) change the number of submissions for just that student.

I provide this as someone else's use case. I rarely experience students submitting to the wrong assignment in my own courses -- less than once a year for the eight years I've been using Canvas.

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Allow an additional submission for only some students with assignments. As it stands now in Canvas, all students in the course have to have equal number of submission attempts on an assignment. As a teacher I just had a student who submitted an incomplete assignment and requested to re-submit a completed version of the assignment. But since I had set up only one submission (attempt) I could not edit the assignment parameters to allow only him to re-submit the assignment. The only options I have are to edit the assignment parameters to let all students have a second attempt (submission) or create a new assignment (actually the exact same assignment) and set the parameters for only the one student to have an additional attempt. This causes a problem in gradebook because the student ends up getting a zero for the original assignment and then will be the only student getting a grade for the "new: assignment. This would drive other students crazy when they see only one student earned points on an assignment they didn't get.

SOLUTION: Just as in "Quizzes" where a teacher is allowed to click on Moderate Quiz and provide additional attempts and extended time to specific students, they same should be allowed in assignments.

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It would be great to be able to use the moderate feature for assignment not just quizzes.  So you can add a second submission attempt for just certain students.

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Add the ability to add attempts to an assignment for specific students including due/closing dates, etc.

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I second the motion, please add attempts for specific students in Assignments too!

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I'm currently piloting Canvas for my district and our current LMS has this capability of adding attempts to individual student submissions. It is used A LOT. So far I really like Canvas but this is definitely something that needs to be added!


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I've been requesting this feature throughout the school year, but this is the first time I'm submitting a written request. When I limit assignments to one submission, it becomes a problem when students submit a blank assignment or the bare template provided for the assignment because they forgot to rename their assignment to separate it from the template provided. If it's "after" the due date for the assignment, I can simply apply "multiple submissions" to the assignment then extend the due date for the student(s) who need to resubmit their assignment. However, if it's necessary to give a student another submission when the due date hasn't yet passed, the only way to do it is to give ALL students the multiple submission. Please revise this feature to match the option in quizzes. Thank you!

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I tried the limit to 1 for my assignments and promptly had to change it back within days since I had students submitting the wrong file and/or to the wrong location.

Another option is to allow the "Reassign" button to override the number of attempts limit.

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Agreed! Please allow Moderate to be a feature on assignments and/or have the "Reassign" button automatically override the number of attempts.  I honestly need this more for assignments than I do for quizzes!