[Assignments] per-user-reattempts for assignments

Your new "Assignment Allowed Attempts" feature is useful and aligns the behavior of assignments and quizzes in Canvas. Please consider adding the option of per-user-reattempts for assignments. This can be done through moderation for quizzes and is very handy in our standards based assessment environment. Our students can request a reattempt on assignments and quizzes after demonstrating that they are better prepared.

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Please, yes.  This feature is essential.  We utilized this feature on a near-daily basis in Blackboard, and it was a very simple-to-use function.  Extenuating circumstances are ubiquitous, and warrant allowing a single student to resubmit an assignment.  I imagine that there are instances where allowing multiple attempts for some students is required in order to meet ADA compliance, and an easy-to-use feature to facilitate this is much needed.  Please consider making this a priority as you continue to perfect the Canvas LMS.

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It would be helpful  as an instructor to be able to put a "second attempt" in for one student who has already submitted an assignment, but needs another attempt--before the due date is over.

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It would be very helpful to be able to give an Individual student additional attempts on an assignment. 

At the moment when an assignment has limited attempts and a student exceeds those attempts you are unable to give that student an additional attempt without giving all students more attempts or by adding a new assign box, waiting for the due to date to elapse and adjusting dates for that individual student (the current work around given by Canvas support) 

This is already a feature for quizzes and i would love to see it added to upload assignments as well.   

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YES PLEASE!!!!  My reason is that for my take home assignments, I give students a flexible deadline, because, you know, life. They get extra points if the assignment is submitted early, and lose points if the assignment is submitted late. Therefore, they can only submit ONCE and the date is critical.  If, for some reason, the student NEEDS to resubmit (they uploaded the wrong copy, or a formatting glitch etc) they have  to email me the assignment, then I have to take screenshots, grade on separate screenshots each page on my iPad, and then send each page back to the student. Cumbersome, to put it mildy. Please fix this. Cheers.

I can't find stars, but rate this as a 3,000 star worthy idea!

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It doesn't seem like there's a way to allow an additional attempt on Assignments for individual students. It seems like a workaround using the "Assign To" and "Available Until" features is possible, but it's a bit tedious compared to having a simple "allow additional attempt" button like in Quizzes.

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Our institution has just moved to Canvas and we are also experiencing this challenge on Canvas.

Students submit the wrong file for a single attempt assessment, and lecturers can't simply give that 1 student a new attempt, or delete the file and let them add the right file to the original attempt.

Please do consider adding options to allow extra attempts to individuals, or delete previous attempts etc.

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Just to add our vote of support, our institution also just moved to Canvas and we are having this same issue... I work in our Center for Teaching and Learning and have had this complaint from many faculty members. 

Please add options to either allow extra attempts to individuals, delete previous attempts, or allow the "reassign" button to override/ignore attempts. Thank you for your consideration!

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It has been over 2 years since this idea was posted here, and I'm sure it came up in other places earlier. The other LMS that everyone complains about has this feature... TWO YEARS. 

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To add another use case to this ticket, we have a site for HDR students which is available to students in an ongoing basis (i.e. the site is available in perpetuity). There are a couple of submission portals in this site and it is a requirement that students only submit once as that is their final thesis submission.

Unfortunately, some students have submitted to the wrong portal or the wrong file. 

Given that we aren't able to delete their attempt nor give those individuals an extra attempt, we are either left with creating another submission portal for each of those individuals (messy for this ongoing site) or increasing the number of attempts temporarily and then reducing it back to one following submission (a manual workflow by any standards). 

It's a little difficult to figure out the logic here - that we can delete the file submitted as part of an attempt, which leaves behind a blank attempt. We can moderate quizzes to allow an individual student, an extra attempt. But we can't allow an extra attempt for an individual student, on an assignment.

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This is a necessary function that needs to be developed. I hear consistent complaints about how we were able to do this in our University's prior LMS.