Automatically Remove Missing Flag Once Grade is Entered

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For on paper or no submission assignments, if a grade is flagged as missing, but then later points are added to the gradebook, the missing flag remains.  The instructor then needs to manually remove the missing flag, even though points were assigned.  It would be great to have the missing flag automatically disappear once points were entered (signifying that it is no longer missing).  The option to have the missing automatically turn into late would be even better.

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Please add this feature, my entire district is clamoring for this! 

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So currently I have an assignment where over half the class has a missing status tag on it, though they have all turned it in! Why would an assignment be missing if there is a score? Canvas should automatically override the status of an assignment once a score is entered in other than 0. 

Or at the very least give the user an option to do a mass change of status in the Gradebook. 

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So this was first noticed in 2018 and it still hasn't been changed!? I don't get it Canvas, why do things that seem so obvious to teachers take years to be addressed and changed. If a student has a grade in the gradebook why on earth would the system allow it to be noted as missing? 

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Please at least respond with some rational why you have not been able to change this for 3 years? I am changing 27 assignments for 30 students and there is not even a key command to move from student to student or change from missing to not. I have to mouse this all out and it is ridiculous. Wishing we were back in ________...

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Instructors should have an option to check in settings so that when a "Missing" assignment is graded, the "Missing" flag can be automatically taken off the assignment.  Right now a late assignment continues to show as missing when a score is entered unless the teacher then clicks on the arrow and checks either the "Late" or "None" radio button.  This is an extra step that I don't feel is necessary, and is time consuming for the teacher when they are entering many late grades at once. This is especially frustrating when using Grade Sync, because the assignment continues to show as missing in our SIS, which makes the missing assignment report the teachers run worthless.

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It's late 2021 now and this would still be amazing. At the very least the option to batch change flags would be nice.

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Missing flag should remove or change to late automatically  when a score is entered. Or the teacher can be prompted, "remove missing flag or change to late" to allow the teacher the option. I see in the forums that this has been discussed since 2018! What does it take to get a feature request granted? This one seems pretty straight-forward.

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When I manually enter a grade, the status does not update to LATE from MISSING. This should happen automatically.

When I am entering a whole list of grades, it could be a very quick entry. Instead, I have to individually open each one.

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I agree with most of the comments.  To date...

  • If any score other than zero is entered by the instructor, any missing designation should be removed.  Regardless of original submission method (paper, electronic, mixed).  I run F2F, hybrid, and online all through the same course with multiple turn in options.  It confuses students who have a completed assignments, grade, but a missing designation. I can go remove those but that is time-consuming.
  • If a score of zero is entered it should STILL SAY MISSING.  
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The MISSING code should be removed when I enter a grade for an assignment whether a student submits anything or not. Because of quarantined students I have to make assignments submittable even if I don't plan for students in class to submit anything.