[Calendar] Change "available until" date when assignment is dragged in the calendar

It is wonderful to be able to change the due date of an assignment by dragging it in the calendar. However, the "available until" date does not change along with the due date. This sometimes results in assignments being locked before they even open. It would be great if the "available until" date would change at the same time as the due date.

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I think an alternative solution to this would be to have a grade book setting that assigns a zero when the assignment is submitted past the due date. Then one could simply ignore the available until date completely. It would also allow the student to complete the assignment for practice (if they'd like).


Make the Available Until date appear in the calendar. Then, the instructor could use either-or.

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There is currently a Feature Request for this exact feature that is available for voting at " modifiedtitle="true" title="Automatic zero in gradebook after a date.​  Please add your vote and voice to this request.


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Thanks  @Robbie_Grant ​ Done. I actually added something to (edited) my post at the same time you replied. Maybe that one is also out there. I'll check...

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Yes, relative release and lock dates would seem to solve this problem! But the coding would be very different.

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I agree that in most cases using relative dates for opening and closing dates would make sense. But sometimes you might those dates to stay fixed - maybe to correspond with the date a whole module opens or closes, or the course as a whole starts or ends. So being able to define the open and close dates as relative or absolute might be nice - though I realize that might lead to a complicated and cluttered interface.

Either way, one thing that would be helpful would be if covering over a calendar item or clicking it displayed the open and close dates as well as the due date. That would make it much quicker and easier to spot problems.

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If this idea is at the "gathering info" stage, shouldn't it have moved to level three? It still says it's at level 2 - open for voting.

I don't know if the level matters or not; just hoping the idea doesn't slip through the cracks.

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Hello  @Beth_Young ​!  I've been reading the comments here, and there are some great ideas on how we could tackle this solution.  Changing how we handle the release of content is some that comes up on discussion.  Managing availability, etc. of content relative to the final due date does seem like a solution. We would need to gather more information on how this would affect the Canvas backend and core services.  Seems like we'd have to do some major surgery in Canvas' "gutty works" Smiley Wink to solve this.

I know we will not be able to address this issue within the next six to 9 months, but I will mention this to the team for some further discussion.

Please let me know how I can continue to help.


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I agree that this would be very useful! It seems like a simple piece of logic to me, but I'm not a programmer. The issue isn't just with "available until" dates - it is also with the "show answers" date. I very quickly dragged all of my quizzes through the calendar to the appropriate due dates, but then "available until" and "show answer" dates then were all before the quiz was due. The only way I could find to update those by hand was to go through each quiz and manually make those changes. If those dates aren't going to update automatically to be at least as late as the quiz due date, then it doesn't even make sense to be able to change the quiz due date by dragging the quiz on the calendar.


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I would also like to see this feature enabled. It is so close to being a nice feature. Changes the due date, but we need the availability changed at the same time.

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This issue has plagued me for the last couple of semesters! What do we need to do to get this open for voting again? Maybe the option of leaving the assignment open for a period of time would work? For example, open for "1 week" after the due date, or "2 days" after... ?