[Commons] All teachers on a course can see notifications of Commons updates for imported content

Problem statement:

We have multiple teachers on our courses and they can change over time. Teachers who join later may not know if content was originally imported from Commons, and even if they did it appears that only the individual who originally imported the content will get notifications of updates when they happen to go back into Commons. There also does not seem to be a way for the creator of Commons content to see which courses have imported their material, so again making it difficult to ensure that teachers are aware of updates.

Proposed solution:

Content imported from Commons should be associated to the course, not to the individual who added the material, so that updates can be applied by multiple teachers on a course. Notifications should be visible on the course page, to all teachers, when an updated resource is available, so that they are prompted to apply it. Commons should allow creators, or at least admin, to view which courses have imported a resource so that they can message teachers to encourage them to apply any update. This would also improve the Commons statistics which are very limited.

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