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Screenshot of print preview where track changes are included in printed version of documentWe have heard a few requests from instructors to get an export or printing function built into the Speedgrader that will allow them to print their annotated comments, similar to how track changes can be printed from Word (see screenshot).


The closest workaround is to download the annotated submission, open in Acrobat Pro and follow these instructions, which would be time-consuming.

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I allow students to resubmit corrected lab reports. In order to regrade the second submission, I need to print out the first corrected submission with the comments I made to see if they have been corrected. Currently, not only can I not print from SpeedGrader, when I download the associated pdf file to print it from another application the comments do not print with the document.

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+1 Please implement this function - a new thread was even started this week for this: https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Idea-Conversations/Assignments-Students-Download-Instructor-Comme...

Surely students should be able to download and print feedback on their assignments?

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