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I would like to be able to rearrange the layout of the courses on my dashboard by clicking and dragging them into a different order.  I may want to order them alphabetically, by the way they fall in my schedule, those that require the most time and/or effort, etc.


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For more information, please read through the https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-15947 .

Featured Community Contribution:  James Jones

I've written a script that will allow people to sort their Dashboard Course Card list using drag and drop. It can be installed by the individual user or by a Canvas Admin at the institution level.


Sorting Dashboard Course Cards


It currently does not work with the Canvas Apps.

Community Team
Community Team

This idea has moved to the next stage and will be open for voting among the Canvas Community, from Wed. November 4, 2015 - Wed. February, 3, 2015.

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There is a similar Feature Request that relates to the Canvas App for anyone interested in checking it out!  ~Shauna

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in different quarters I teach a different number of courses and support some other courses.  I would like to be able to order the courses I teach in the same order I teach them, and then group the courses I support separately.  I would much rather just drag and drop them to whatever order I like, without having to use an artificial naming scheme to force alphabetizing.  This is how I organize my desktop and my phone apps, it would be good to do the same thing here.

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Perfectly stated!

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This feature would be very helpful for our faculty and students.

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Please please do this. the courses on dashboard should be the onesI am currently teaching. PLEASE change this.

Community Team
Community Team

Hi  @mbartesaghi   - You can customize your dashboard so it displays only courses you teach. (This works now; no need to wait for this feature's voting period.) If your institution uses the New UI, check outHow do I customize my Course list?

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Please, please, please allow this. The dashboard should be flexible enough to allow us to organize the courses in a way that works best for each of us and not force us into an organization scheme that doesn't work for us.

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Instructure Alumni

Thank you all for your input and comments around this idea. Our awesome UI team has done research around this request. We understand the use cases around this and by adding this feature it would make for a better experience for you all. However, adding the ability to to rearrange the cards on the dashboard would require a significant amount of work. Due to the amount of work required and other priorities, this is not something that we will get to in the next 6-8 months.

In the meantime, please do see  @KristinL ​ post. I know it does not solve all the use cases but it is a good solution for some that were mentioned here.

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I was hoping that the nicknames in the new UI would solve this problem: if we can nickname the courses, they should show up in alpha order of the nickname, right?? Wrong! Smiley Sad  They still show up in alpha order of the course name.   This is a real problem for admins who support dozens of courses - all with the same title but different faculty names.  The admin can now rename the courses with the faculty name (yay) but they will be listed on her dashboard in now order that makes sense to her. Is is possible that the new UI nicknames can be the underlying alpha sort convention?  Would that make a good feature idea?