[Files] Default filename of batch submission download should be course+assignment name

The current default filename for downloading all submissions of a course is "submissions.zip". Instead, it should be a filename that reflects the course and assignment title.

Currently, I downloaded several batch submissions of assignments, but they are all labeled "submissions.zip" so then I end up with "submissions (1).zip" and "submissions (2).zip")

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Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for broader discussion, you might be interested in supporting these ideas associated with submission downloads:

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This would really help with managing a heavy grading load. I would like to have this ability.

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@paulbui This is quiet necessary not just for the submissions folder, but for any folder download on Canvas.

@drosoff Yes. It would be just as helpful to course participants who otherwise have end up with a set of common filenames for all download folders.

Have raised a similar request with some suggestions here-
For 'Files' section: change default name of the downloaded folders

Thank you

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