[Gradebook] Hotkey options for gradebook (late, missing, excused)

There are some assignments that I manually enter grades for if it is submitted on paper in class. It would be nice to have a hot key option when entering grades for late, missing and excused work. Currently, I have to stop entering scores, click to get the box open, click on the option, and click on the next box to move on. It would save time and make it more seamless to be able to type an "l" for late, "m" for missing and "e" for exempt.

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Please implement this. I can't believe there is no quick and simple way to enter missing from the grades page. 3 clicks, per student, per assignment. Do you have any idea how many clicks that adds up to when you're entering a semesters' worth of grades?

I'm on my knees, beggin' ya please........ Heeeeellllllllpppppp!!!

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Yes, please add these hotkeys!

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This would be a great feature. Another thing that would be useful is if the comments and all these other tags would sync to PowerSchool. 

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Agreed! I vote “Z” for missing assignments and “La” for late assignments because that’s what my district uses in Synergy, but really any kind of hotkey will do. PLEASE!

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I am not sure if these comments are being seen by the Canvas developers but PLEASE include a hotkey for missing assignments! I love the use of "ex" for excused but I am dying to have a hotkey for missing, even if I need to type "missing" that is better than having to click every time for every student!

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Where are we on this Canvas developers?  For 2+ years this has been a request in numerous threads and we are still waiting.  You recently pushed out other upgrades for the Missing status. What is the hold-up on this one?  Can it be that much harder to code than the EX for excused was?!?

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I'm glad they added EX for excused, but L or M would be great!

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Yes please!  This seems like an issue that should be easy to fix.  Please add an "m" as an option.  There are too many clicks when you have to mark something as missing, especially with 28 students per class period turning work on paper.  If a value for that "m" could be set by the teacher, even better, but I would totally settle for it not having a value attached.

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Anyone out there with an update to this highly requested addition? Would love to see this implemented ASAP. 

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I am writing to confirm that this is still a desired feature.  We would love to use M for missing, L for late, I for incomplete.  Thank you!