[Gradebook] Message Students Who... for Grade Totals

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas LMS

I'd like to be able to use the 'message students who' function in the gradebook for more than a single assignment.  It would be useful to be able to go to the column in the gradebook for an assignment group and use the 'message students who'.  Same applies for the total grade column so teachers could after the first two weeks send out a message to all students that are under performing early enough for them to change there behavior.
We have three very similar ideas, all of which are open for voting, associated with the Message Students Who... feature, and we're grouping them here to keep Canvas Studio tidy. These are the other two:
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The release schedule is published at the top of Canvas Release: Analytics Beta (Course Grade).  The new analytics will be available in Canvas production environments on Monday, October 29 - unless your school has opted to turn it off.

I have not seen this in the immediate plans to be added to the gradebook, sorry.

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Hello  @Renee_Carney  ,

Thank you for that clarification. I will check for that again after 10/29. It's kind of sad to hear there are no plans for having this as an option in the Gradebook. I am currently managing this function outside of Canvas (e.g. Excel sheet ordered by current grades), then sending out emails specific to the grade range). It would be so much easier from the Gradebook. Still, the upcoming Analytics option sounds promising Smiley Happy

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I echo Kimberly's comments that I'd really prefer to see this functionality in the Gradebook. That is where we are when we see the need to reach out to students who are failing our classes. Personally, I don't use the "Analytics" function.

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This would be very helpful for my course which is point based, rather than % based because we give students options for which assignments to complete.  This confuses Canvas as to who is passing.

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I think we should be able to use the 3 dots on the gradebook tab on the students grade to send them an email.  For example I could send an email to all students who are failing to remind them of work or grade recovery.

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Hey Canvas Team! Is there any update on adding a "Message Students Who" to other columns like the "Total Grade" or any user created groupings in the Gradebook? I wish I could use the analytics workaround, but my administrator has disabled this app.

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Please please please... I have thought about this one and since every time I make a suggestion you do it the following year.... I hope that you can add to the menu for the Total Grade an option to 'Message all who" just like within an assignment score column. Please do this so we can message any students with a grade below, between, or above. This would do wonders for not only getting messages to just those failing to do this or that, but to those who are doing great in one blanket email. If we could send all of these reminders more often It would be grate. But a separate email? It's just not fair on teacher's time and energy. Thank you. Please do this. All need it, they just don't know it. I love the option within an assignment and know I and others would use it regularly to reach groups within overall grade ranges, to better serve them with their education and well-being.

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gr8!  pardon the grate...

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Our school staff would like to see the ability to email students based on their overall course score.  For instance, with an assignment, you email students who did not submit.  Can Canvas adapt to make emailing all students with an overall grade of an A, B, C, D, or F?  This could include: sending a quick email to all students with an A; Students with a B, etc. 

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In New Analytics, the "Message Students Who" option exists, and you can message students' based on their overall grade in a course. This is helpful, but would be more helpful if this feature was available for every column in grades. "Message Students Who" exists as an option for each individual assignment in the grade book, but does not exist for the columns listing grades from assignment groups and final grades in the course. While you can "Message students who" from analytics for the final grade, to my knowledge there is no way to "Message students who" based on the overall average for an assignment category. 

In our current set up, each teacher has their power standards as assignment groups and it would be amazing to be able to quickly message groups of students based on how they are performing in an individual power standard, versus the overall grade because students attend summer school based on their understanding of each standard, not the overall grade.  I could also see it be useful to others who have assignment groups based on units, topics, or types of assignments. In this way you could quickly identify areas of struggle or success, and easily communicate with target groups.