[Gradebook] Needs Grading Feature

It looks like this was suggested in 2017 but not done....In the grade book, it would be great to add  "Needs Grading" to the dropdown menu options, so we can quickly navigate to the students who have submitted and are waiting for grades.  This would be especially useful for larger classes. 


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Thanks for sharing this idea,  @efalconer ‌; it's open for voting. If you have the link to the old idea handy and have a moment, please provide it here. You might also be interested in supporting this related idea: https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/15280-needs-grading-color-highlighting 

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This would be so incredibly helpful, nice to have a color for it, but better to be able to sort by it to get to students' assignments quickly. 

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Yes, how does this not exist?!  This was MUCH easier in Blackboard!  Enter the grade, click "Return" on the keyboard, and the page refreshes with the next assignment.  

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This would save a lot of time. I would love to show that as an option to instructors and it would make explaining how to find who needs to be graded still easier.

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I understand the idea behind upgrading the tests.

Please restore the previous gradebook features. Restore the rocket icon that says something needs to be graded.

I have 78 submissions for a test.  Yesterday there were 75.  These are multiple choice tests.  I must now sift through 78 tests to see which are the ones that need grading. It might seem an easy fix to just look at my grade book and pick out the grades that haven't been entered, but I have 150 students.  Either way, it's a lot of extra work. 

Please restore the old gradebook format. 

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Think of it as the virtual version of a teacher's stack of papers to grade.

This is one key feature Blackboard has been ahead of Canvas on for years, time for Instructure to catch up!

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Newbie here.  How do I support this recommendation by up-voting it?  I clicked on the link and got an access denied warning.  As I am in charge of our Catalog instance, I'm wondering how I get these privileges turned on?

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Another case for having this. We have instructors using random question banks with a variety of question types. When it pulls, for example, 10 questions from a large bank that includes mostly multiple-choice but some short-answer questions, not all students will need instructor grading. Students get an indicator that their grades are pending instructor action—it would be excellent if instructors knew when that action was needed.

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I'd also like to advocate for this feature. Thanks!

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Any actual user of this tool would know that this option should already have been included. It's dumb that this feature doesn't exist 😞