[Groups] Add Observers to Group

Our Canvas Community is where we share Career Resources for Business Students. Students are added in the Student role, but we also add faculty and staff as Observers so they can see and use our resources with students as needed. 

We would like to use the Group function to share resources with these Faculty and Staff that we do not want students to have access to, but we can only add users to groups who are in the Student role. 

Please make it possible to add Observer-level users to Groups. 


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At our school we would also like a very limited role where the user can not only view full class discussions, but also be able to view and take part in group discussions.  It would be wonderful to allow observers to be part of a group.

The permission "Groups - view all student groups" seems to allow observers to visit group home pages if they have the URL and view the discussions, but not reply, so that permission isn't adequate for our needs.

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