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It would be nice to have the option to add a signature block that can automatically be added to "Inbox" messages as well as discussion posts.

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I desperately need an email signature feature for Canvas Inbox and just more functionality in general for that space. Please help us out with this, Canvas!

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Please add this feature - a time saver and an essential when emailing students.

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I agree with so many of the comments on here that this is a basic tool on virtual every email system, it will make signing an email to students much easier and faster, and allows for the instructor to add in other contact info which has equity mindedness for students. Not all students at this time are able to have unlimited access to WiFi so being able to contact an instructor on their office or cell phone is very important for student success.

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We need an option to provide our regular email signatures in the Canvas Inbox emails to students. When we use this on a regular basis, it becomes onerous to copy and paste from our email app. 

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@jbgreenw , as a suggestion you might consider rating or commenting on a longer-running, closely related Idea Conversation:

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It just makes sense instead of having to type it every time or even to cut and paste something in. The receiving party needs to know who it comes from. right?

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I would like to have more functionality with this-- not just signatures, but also away messages. We don't have classes over the break, but I'm concerned that advisees or students would send emails. I'd like to be able to have an away message letting them know that they may not get responses immediately and how to contact our department or me in an emergency situation. 

The signature idea is great too.

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This would really be amazing.  I'm tired of copying and pasting or typing my name.  Please create a signature line option.

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We need a signature block please!  Retyping our names is such a time waster.