Manually graded or "EX" assignments still show as missing

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When my teachers manually enter a grade into the gradebook, whether a number value or "EX" for excused, it is labeled as missing.  Can we change it so that if there is an entry in the gradebook then this label does not come up?  This seems to be logical to me.  I am unsure of why the label of missing would make sense if there is an entry in the gradebook.  This also has an effect on the analytics of the course and the teacher's ability to measure student progress. Thank you!! 


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For more information, please read through the insert_release_note_link.

The work on late and missing policies in September and December made it possible to manually remove a missing label from an assignment.  You can read more about these updates in the following releases

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Yes, please allow this feature to be disabled, or allow a more flexible online or on paper option for assignments (for which the MISSING tag would be disabled).

I teach face to face, and allow students the option to submit assignments online or hand in a paper copy.  Many students hand it paper copies.  The only way to allow students this flexibility is to allow online submissions in the assignment.  

My students are very concerned that they have graded paper assignments (returned to them) that Canvas has marked at MISSING (in red).  The MISSING label is larger and more prominent than the grade.

By the way, I don't want to submit an assignment on behalf of each of my students (as some of the other treads suggest) for each of my classes for each of daily assignments to make this indicator go away.  It a better use of my time to prep, teach, and grade assignments.

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Agreed so much!!  For those of us who teach in person or hybrid classes, this missing tag is really disruptive!  90% of my students bring their paper homework to class, and I enter grades manually.  But 10% of students prefer online submissions, and I want them to have that flexibility (also, when they're absent they must use the online submission option).  Now 90% or more of my students are freaking out because ALL of their homework is showing "missing" even though I've given them full credit for bringing it to class.  If there were either an option to mark 'not missing' or more flexible options for a combo of online/paper submissions, my students would not be sending me panicked email questions and thinking they are missing work.  Now I've told them to simply ignore the 'missing' indicator, but that defeats the whole purpose of the tags if they're just supposed to ignore them!

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The manually entered grade needs to exclude a "0" as a grade.  

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Several teachers in my building use "balanced grading" and put in either a 30% or 50% for missing work rather than a zero. They need to be able to indicate that the assignment is still missing after they have put in a non-zero grade.

(I put in zeroes for missing and also want it to still show as missing after I put in the zero, but that case gets spoken up for more often by others.)

"EX" should definitely make it no longer show as missing, and ideally should then change to a green-lettered "EXCUSED" mark where the red-lettered "MISSING" mark currently is. 

More thought needs to go into how to configure this feature because different users need "Missing" in different situations. 

I suggest a way to manually flag/unflag any student's assignment as missing is needed, and "auto-report this assignment as Missing after due date" should be an assignment-level checkbox rather than the default.

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I have prepared a general feature idea to put the Missing label feature back into Beta for now; this Idea page also has all the 5 feature requests related to the Missing label that you can read and vote on. 

If you know of feature requests besides those five, let me know! Thank you! 🙂

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Community Team

This idea is relative to the Priority: Gradebook Enhancements

There were also recent updates to how the current missing/late feature exists.  For more information, please read through the Canvas Beta Release Notes (2017-09-25) .

Community Team
Community Team
This idea has been developed and is On Canvas Beta How do I access the Canvas beta environment?

The work on late and missing policies in September and December made it possible to manually remove a missing label from an assignment.  You can read more about these updates in the following releases

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While some of these concerns have technically been addressed in the New Gradebook, the red "Missing" and "Late" labels can currently only be removed on a "student-by-student per assignment" basis. If interested, there is a related feature request open for voting: 

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What's missing in the "deployed" feature is that CANVAS needs to be able UNFLAG an assignment as missing if a grade is entered into the gradebook by a teacher.  Right now, they remain marked as missing even after a submission has been graded.