[Modules] Customizable Checklists to Add to Modules

This is a feature that I was expecting to find in Canvas because I have used it in D2L Brightspace. A checklist is something that is added to a module and created by the instructor. Here's an article about it in D2L and here's a video tutorial



The checklist would be interactive in that students could "check" the boxes of tasks that they've completed as they work through a module or project or course. Those selections are kept so when students return to that page minutes or weeks later, they can still see which items were checked and which weren't.

For example, I often would create weekly checklists that included a list of the assigned readings/videos as well as the assessments/activities for the week. They could come to the checklist as often as they wish to keep track in a quick summary view of what they had and hadn't done so far that week.

The data in terms of what was checked/unchecked was never integrated with the grading system. Checklists were strictly to help students stay organized. 



The biggest reason for adding this feature is that it's helpful for students. It is also aligned with Universal Design for Learning in that it supports differences in executive functioning, project management skills, etc. It is especially beneficial for students with learning disabilities and/or processing disorders. For students who don't need or want this feature, it doesn't add any extra work or responsibility since it isn't graded in any way. A benefit to many and a harm to none.

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Hi Rick, that is exactly what we students need.

This is my first year here at UC, and I am having difficulty to keep a track of all items that I have already read/viewed from the ones I haven't yet in 'Modules'. The checkboxes to the right of each of the activities in 'Modules' would be an awesome implement to Canvas so we can keep a track on the completed activities. 

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Hi Shane, 

Thank you for adding this idea for voting. 

This is my first year here at UC, and I am having difficulty to keep a track of all items that I have already read/viewed from the ones I haven't yet in 'Modules'. The checkboxes to the right of each of the activities in 'Modules' would be an awesome implement to Canvas so we can keep a track on the completed activities. 

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This idea, and a similar idea from students https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/14834-allows-students-to-mark-items-as-done are evidence that turning modules into checklists is not an obvious step during course set-up.  Why not add an option to turn the entire modules page into a checklist?  Selecting that option could pop-up a set of default options:

  • discussions - always default to contribute to page
  • practice quizzes - choose between submit and score __%
  • graded quizzes and assignments - always default to submit
  • pages - choose between view and mark complete

Defaults set on the modules page should be over-ridden by requirements set within any individual module.

Settings across the entire modules page would not need to be requirements for completing a module, and so the checklist could be functional for optional activities.  However, when setting up requirements for individual modules these individual options could be available to quickly add as module requirements.

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I have moved from a Brightspace university to a Canvas university. We used the Checklist tool in Brightspace ALL THE TIME.  It is very disappointing not to have this feature in Canvas.  I hope that Canvas will reconsider this as a very important tool for learner success.


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With our shift to offsite learning, this has quickly become a desired item from our staff and students! Hopefully it gets picked up at some point.

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I am both a student in a Canvas course and a Canvas course designer. As a student, I am finding a great need to be able to check off or otherwise indicate what I have completed in my course. The to-do list doesn't work for all things in the module, only for assignments. I would like to be able to check off any module item, whether it is a page to read or video page to watch, and journal entry, discussion board, or anything, even the ungraded items. They still need to get done in a timely fashion and clicking back through the module to remind myself where I left off is a giant waste of time. As a course designer, I don't know that I necessarily want to have to "create" the checklist for my students. If I put it in the module, then it needs to get done and it needs to be on the checklist automatically. Simply providing a checkbox for each item in the module would solve the problem and not create any more work for the designers or instructors.

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There should be a checklist on the right hand side of each module and activity/assignment as it would help the student monitor what needs to be completed and whats already been done. 

I know as a first year student using mycanvas for the first time, this is the only thing I would find to be useful and not already in the system. I hope this feature would be considered for students in ensuring completion and success in their courses. Thank you!

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I support this request, especially now with distance learning.  The To-Do list in Canvas is overwhelming for students at times because it pulls from every course and they can become bogged down.  Allowing a customizable to-do list in each course would give me, as an instructor, a place to create the "these are the Must-Dos for this week," while allowing students the satisfaction of being able to go courses-by-course to meet the expectations and check them off.  There is something intrinsically motivating about being able to mark something off of a to-do list.

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Questions: Did all the upvotes from the old system just get deleted? Clearly more than 6 people want this -- you can tell from comments alone. How can we have an accurate view of popularity if that data is gone? I apparently need to try to track down every idea that I've supported in the past and rate them now(?)

Also, I am positive that I wrote and submitted this request (in fact, that's my video that I linked in the opening sentences -- when you open it you see my name and hear my voice). Is there a reason why I see it as being submitted by someone else?

I'm not looking for credit or anything, but I am starting to get bad vibes about this new system between the lack of logged upvotes (a problem across all "idea conversations") and the misleading attribution. When did this aspect of the Community get so shady? Is this something that can be improved?

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@callinger  I have seen the older "likes" tally in some views, but I have not kept track of which views display them. 

Sometimes supporters of an idea resubmit it after it is archived.  It is possible that @degensp28  did not want to see this idea conversation get lost, and recreated it to keep the votes going.  Also, in the new community I had a default user name replacing my own name, and then I edited it.  That might disassociate a profile from the idea... Regardless of how the idea was duplicated it is good to see so much support.