[New Quizzes] Allow Instructors to Select from IP Filters Saved on the Account-Level When Creating New Quizzes

Problem statement:

Canvas allows for IP Filters to be saved at the account/subaccount level. These can currently be configured in the Settings tab of any account, under Quiz IP Address Filters. Admins can set a pre-saved, named IP Address range that corresponds to a location on campus. (For example Biology Building Room 16). In Classic Quizzes, instructors can apply one of these saved filters to their quizzes if they need to ensure the assessments are only taken from pre-approved, proctored environments. In New Quizzes, the IP range of the lab must be entered manually. There is no way to utilize the pre-saved ranges that admins set on the account level. 

  • Instructors have indicated that they want to be able to choose from a list of locations written in natural language. Many instructors do not want to be responsible for managing IP address ranges themselves.
  • It is often the case that Instructional Technologists must work with networking support teams to make sure that certain labs have static IP addresses (rather than dynamic). This is out of the scope of instructors' responsibilities. It is not ideal for instructors to manually enter IP ranges as they are not usually privy to any changes.
  • There are potential security concerns with sharing IP address ranges directly for instructors to enter themselves. IP ranges may end up in public-facing directions documents, pages, and other similar resources commonly distributed between instructors.
Proposed solution:

Account Admins should be able to continue to "bin" IP Address ranges for instructors under recognizable, clear names. In New Quizzes, instructors should be able to select from pre-saved IP address ranges, exactly as they did in Classic Quizzes.

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