[New Quizzes] Allow Students to View Quiz Feedback Added After Students Start Quiz

In both Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes, students see the version of a quiz as it existed when they started taking it. If questions are changed or feedback is added after students start the quiz, only students who had not yet started taking the quiz or who have additional attempts to take would see it.

Recently, instructors have been frustrated by the lack of ability to add feedback after students have started taking a quiz. Oftentimes they wish to share comments or solutions based on discussions they have with students after taking the quiz or instructors have security concerns about students being able to see feedback before they are ready to release it so they wait to add it later (not realizing that students won't be able to see it). 

While it makes sense that students should see the same version of questions once they start taking a quiz, there are some quiz features--such as feedback--that instructors should be able to update and share with students after they have started the quiz. 

Feature ideas related to feedback sharing in New Quizzes:

New Quizzes: View Feedback Once After Each Attempt

New Quizzes: Show and Hide Quiz Results by Date

New Quizzes: Time limit on quiz review session

New Quizzes: Automatically release quiz answers once every student has a grade

New Quizzes: Have the ability for comments to come up on a Quiz only after the last attempt.

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Good idea. It would make quizzes much more responsive to student questions after the fact.

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This is an excellent idea.

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Good idea. Quizzes are learning tools, and the process could become more valuable if instructors can interact with students through feedback during it.

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Interesting new take on a quiz

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Yes please!

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If there is an addendum to a quiz question for any reason. it would be good for all to see it once it is published.

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We created a quiz and did not show any responses or comments to students.

The students took the quiz, and now we've updated the general answer comments, but the updated general answer comments will not show in the SpeedGrader or to the students when we post grades. They will only see the incorrect ones that we originally entered before they took the quiz.

For quizzes that never showed students any responses or comments, we should be able to update those and it should update in realtime in the SpeedGrader and for students when we post grades.

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