New Quizzes: Create the option of "First Attempt" as the "Quiz Score to Keep" when Allowing Multiple Attempts

In other online test-building services we use in our program, First Attempt score is an option under Allow Multiple Attempts. This option works beautifully for our self-paced, competency-based training. Because all our courses are 80 percent competency based, the students must achieve 80 percent on testing before moving on. We want each student to have multiple attempts but be motivated to study and be prepared for that "first-time" attempt. Most of our students meet the 80 percent competency on the "first attempt" quiz, but some individuals need to be able to retake a quiz to prove the 80 percent competency. If the student retakes to prove competency, instructors still want to retain the First Attempt for grading.


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I agree that taking a quiz multiple times for practice can be very beneficial, but I am concerned that the motivation to do so after the grade is finalized. It seems to make more sense to duplicate the quiz (if you are using a question bank) and allow the students to take the practice quiz as many times as they like before the "real one." By cementing the first grade, it becomes a high stakes "final grade" and depending on the structure of the course, quizzes could be more formative than summative, especially if they are given in the middle of the unit. 

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I really lke this idea as it both rewards the student who does the right thing and prepares for the quiz, but also allows us to use the quiz as a formative tool by allowing multiple attempts.  Perhaps we can have the option to keep the first and the highest which then get averaged. 

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Multiple attempts for practice and formative assessments in the K-12 space is absolutely best practice pedagogy, especially in the upper 6-12 grades. Although I didn't use the first attempt option (within Blackboard LMS), the highest and last grade attempted options were very useful.  Repetition in answering questions reinforces learning in so many ways! Invariably, there will be students who wish to game the system, but as long as student expectations are clearly established by the teacher, the assessment modality is transformed into an effective learning one.

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I could definitely see the value to this, it would both help with competency (as stated in the original idea) but also make each assessment useful for studying for a cumulative final, without sacrificing the grading integrity of the activity. The instructor gets the first grade in the grade book without any manual messing around, the student gets to keep retaking it for review and self assessment.
Great idea, I hope it resurfaces as part of the focus on outcomes!

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I would love this for the same reasons Amanda notes above - it allows students to easily re-take quizzes for review purposes. But, an important addition to this proposal is that students automatically get zeros if they do not take the first attempt before the deadline. Keeping the quiz open to allow for multiple attempts has a very unfortunate side effect in that students can jump on and take the quiz for the first time weeks after the deadline. The grade goes through but shows up as red in the gradebook, meaning you then have to go in an manually delete out their grade. If that annoyance could be fixed in general it would be really helpful in this feature as well. 

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Not sure if I'm too late to add a vote to this, but I was just about to suggest it too.  At our VE school, students are encouraged to do self paced learning and quizzes are a great way to encourage them to do one section well first (7/10 on a quiz or higher) which then makes the next module item visible / available.  This was a feature in blackboard too.  However, so the students don't just do the quizzes without prep, their first score is a must for their grade.


Not too late at all!

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Does anyone know if this option will be added to quizzes with multiple attempts?