New Quizzes: Create the option of "First Attempt" as the "Quiz Score to Keep" when Allowing Multiple Attempts

In other online test-building services we use in our program, First Attempt score is an option under Allow Multiple Attempts. This option works beautifully for our self-paced, competency-based training. Because all our courses are 80 percent competency based, the students must achieve 80 percent on testing before moving on. We want each student to have multiple attempts but be motivated to study and be prepared for that "first-time" attempt. Most of our students meet the 80 percent competency on the "first attempt" quiz, but some individuals need to be able to retake a quiz to prove the 80 percent competency. If the student retakes to prove competency, instructors still want to retain the First Attempt for grading.


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For more information, please read through the Canvas Release Notes (2021-04-17)

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Thank you for submitting this feature idea  @mhuber ! I love it and can see the value in it. Thanks for adding a clear explanation of why you'd like to see this feature added!

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We absolutely would benefit from this. We want students to be able to take quizzes multiple times for practice, but only keep their first attempt as their "real" score.

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Yes!  Having this function will prevent us from having to create duplicate quizzes.

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This is a very good feature to implement! I think that many of our instructors will find it very useful!

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Great idea! As a long-time (but former) Blackboard LMS user, I was surprised to discover Canvas doesn't offer the same first, last, and highest assessment score options.

Very happy to UPvote this idea.



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Glad to have your UP vote! If you know anyone else willing to vote Yes,

please invite them! I believe we are going to need more votes to catch the

attention of the Canvas community. Thanks!

On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 8:36 AM, <

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Hi, Jordan,

I just watched someone vote this idea UP and the count went from 83 to 82.  Any ideas?

Thank you, Jay

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Election rigging?

A known issue (not sure if it's been fixed or not) is where people click one and it goes the other way. Normally unvoting and revoting fixes it.


Yes, James is correct.  This is a known issue with Jive that has been identified but not yet fixed.  Like James said, clicking the Up vote again will change the vote from down to up.

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I appreciate the feedback, James and Scott.  I will pass along the information.  Hope Jive fixes this.