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I propose the ability to make a quiz a group quiz, like you can for assignments. As a course gets larger instructors would like the ability to automate the activities to include more students and not have to rely on TAs to get things done - we also think this would save in-class time. We realized that not all students are bringing devices to class and it would help if a group quiz would allow one student to submit a quiz he/she has submitted for a group.


To sum up:

- group quiz

- all students would receive credit as it is a group activity

- just like a group "assignment"


  Comments from Instructure

2022-07-12 -- After reviewing this long-existing idea, the Community Team has determined that this request will remain Open. While it was authored when only Classic Quizzes existed, the idea can be applied to New Quizzes as well. Ultimately, this will reduce the number of duplicated Idea requests and allow the conversation and collaboration to exist in a single space. 

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I agree that this is now a vital function.  We use group quizzes as a form of remediation in our nursing curriculum.  Each student takes the exam individually, and after the individual test, the students are randomly divided into groups and then retake the exam as a group.  Their score is comprised of both their individual and group test grades.  (i.e. The student takes Exam 1 individually and then with a random group of 4 students.  The student's total grade for the exam is then calculated as 95% individual score & 5% group score.  The benefit of the group testing is that now students must discuss each question and the rationales for their answers.  (The tests are set so that the students do not see the correct answers upon completion of either the individual or group exam.)  

Currently, to complete the group testing, we have to build 9 copies of the original individual exam (1 for each group).  We then have the students draw cards out of a box to randomize them to groups, and we have to manually enter students into each of the 9 copies.  Then, 1 student out of each group actually enters the group's answers into the exam, and we have to manually enter the scores for the other group members in speed grader.  

As you can see, the current process is extremely time consuming (though not as time consuming as grading paper group tests by hand).  We could simplify the process significantly if Canvas allowed us to assign quizzes as group exams, and an instructor could have Canvas randomize groups while the student's were taking the individual exam.

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This would be a great feature. I use "quizzes" as post and pre assessments with lab groups. The quiz allows me to quickly assess how a group performed during the lab. I don't have enough computers in my lab to have every student answer the questions, and I want them to collaborate and discuss the questions. Please implement this! 

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Just a quick note to add the #quizzes.next_new tag to these comments, in hopes of associating this idea with Priority: Quizzes.Next.

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I am really surprised this is not a feature with today's emphasis on peer instruction and collaborative learning.  I would like group quizzes to have 3 options: student enters their group member's names when taking the quiz, or instructor selects groups in advance, or groups are randomly selected. In all options the same score is recorded in the gradebook for all group members.  I'd like my students to do a low-stakes quiz on their reading assignments at the start of each lecture.  We have one computer per two students in my classroom.  Group quizzes would be ideal.

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My course of 200 includes Team-Based Learning and the ability to do a team quiz is crucial. Right now my TAs do a work around but I'd rather have it in Canvas than have to add an app (salesman emailing daily...).  

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I don't understand this archival process.  If someone submits an idea that has already been archived, and it is getting votes, it seems like the votes on the similar archived idea should count toward the new request.  We are all discovering what this softward can and cannot do at different times. 

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I am so in agreement.  There are so many up-votes for this and yet it hasn't been made/put into development.  I don't get it.  Most teachers who see this as an option have voted yes.  Very strange process.

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Please make this easy change ... I have my students working in pairs so they can discuss the questions, but then only the member of the pair that was logged in can see the graded quiz, and the TAs have to manually add in grades for teh other person.

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How many votes are needed to get this into the development threshold?

This is effectively essential for a number of full-time and part-time cohorts at Kellogg. Hope to see this added to the production queue. 

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I like the idea of group quizzes because I can see a great learning experience in a small group discussing the questions (assuming they are high level, well written questions) and needing to arrive at consensus on the correct response.