[New Quizzes] Include a filter for No Submission in the Moderate tab

Problem statement:

Currently, instructors cannot filter to students without a submission in the Moderate feature of New Quizzes. Current filters are: Show All, No Attempts Left, Attempts in Progress, Submitted, Autograding Failed. However, instructors more often ask for a way to find which students have not yet submitted a quiz, so they can send a reminder and offer assistance. Note: While there is an option using the gradebook to sort by missing students, this doesn't seem to work as intended (example).

Proposed solution:

In the Moderate tab of New Quizzes, add a filter for "No Submission" to help faculty easily identify students who have not yet submitted the quiz. This would be especially helpful for instructors of large courses, who have to navigate through multiple pages in order to find students without submissions.


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