[New Quizzes] Limited Time to Review Quiz Questions After Submission

This idea would allow the ability for instructors who are wanting to open up prior quizzes for a review for the upcoming test but later restrict access not only to the answers but also the questions. This idea would allow quiz integrity and security.


The current workaround is a little labor intensive to manually uncheck the, "Let Students See Their Quiz Responses (Incorrect Questions Will Be Marked in Student Feedback)" when you could just set a date.


I propose a change that would look like something close to the image below. 


Proposed Change to add a hide quiz question option to the quiz details under "Let students see their quiz responses..."

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Note that jsparks, long gone from instructure and mastermind of the team of evil geniuses who inflicted New Quizzes on us in the first place said:

"We are working on it. It will be a feature that evolves as we release our tools."

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What is happening at CANVAS that they announce dates for discontinuing Classic Quizzes and do not have NEW Quizzes in any decent shape.  Why would educators not have the option to show students their results and feedback after they finish the test without having it open for them to see for the rest of the term.   I can close the feedback by putting a close date.  But then when a student wants to retake the quiz, Canvas forgot to add to MODERATE, "Manually unlock the quiz for next attempt."  I hope Canvas can get this corrected soon or create a tool to MIGRATE new quizzes to Classic Quizzes.  

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Many of our instructor wish to not show students correct answer until after conclusion of quiz. To minimize one student taking quiz and then passing on answers to other students. Or as stated above, open quiz for review after a certain date when going into future quizzes (i.e.mid-term or final).

I understand that this can be done manually in new quizzes....but that is a lot of added work when we are used to being able to set dates in classic quizzes.

I don't see this feature on the comparison chart, or did I miss something?

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Yes please!  I need this feature and now am going to have to write all my quizzes in the old quizzes until it is available.

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New Quizzes MUST have the "view feedback after attempt", BUT......then can no longer have access to the quiz questions.  This seems to be missing from the New Quizzes and is essential in order to keep the integrity of the test.  

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I had a faculty member ask me about this today. They want students to be able to review, but not go back any day and review at any time.

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We just had a few faculty members ask about this when using the new quiz format. I told them they could set a manual grading policy for specific gradebook items (i.e. quizzes created in the new format). They weren't very receptive to the idea because they believed that it would require extra course management. I really like the progress that has been occurring in Quizzes.Next and I hope some sort of feature like this gets added into the development.

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Please, please, please add this. It was an option in the Classic Quizzes and very frustrating that is it not in the New Quizzes.

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Yes, please! I hope we can get this feature soon.

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