[New Quizzes] Show students their submission date/time for each attempt

Problem statement:

For new quizzes that permit multiple attempts, students are currently unable to view the submission date and time for each attempt. When the students view each attempts through the New Quizzes tool, no submission date/time is displayed. When accessed via Assignments or Grades, a single submission date/time is displayed and it's not clear to which attempt the timestamp belongs. Students need to be able to discern when each submission occurred in case there is a dispute about the timeliness of any given attempt. It's worth noting that the Quiz title also does not display when a student views an attempt within the New Quizzes tool.

Proposed solution:

Show the submission date and time to student for every attempt, both within the Quizzes tool as well as Assignments and Grades. It would also be helpful if all the relevant quiz meta data: Title, available date, due date, until date were displayed above the actual attempt results to provide additional context to the person reviewing the results.

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This is a real problem.  I hope they fix it.  

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Not just students! Each assignment submission should be listed as a separate activity, not under the last activity access.

Admins will be asked when submissions were made for probity checks, and some settings preclude this. 

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@Mikee , admins and graders can see the submission dates in the New Quizzes Log under Moderate and in Speedgrader.  But I agree...I'd also like to see it at the top of each submission and on the Moderate screen for each attempt.

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