New RCE - pin the sidebar

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For more information, please read through the Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-11-18).

While I'm loving getting familiar with the new rich content editor my biggest annoyance is that the insert sidebar disappears every time I add a link or image. As a course designer this is greatly slowing down the way I build content in the RCE. It would be great if once the sidebar appears after you have chosen to insert a link or image that you could pin it open so if you are wanting to add multiple images or links then you can, instead of having to repeat the process every time. I'm finding this to be slowing down the content creation experience not enhancing it.

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I would absolutely love this -- in fact, I came here to check if there was already an idea submitted on this before adding my own. I could see a little thumb tack being added to the top of the fly out panel. If selected, it will keep the window open until closed manually by clicking the X.

Example mock-up with small thumb tack above the Add header:

Example of a thumb tack added to the fly-out panel. In this instance, the thumb tack is not yet selected.

Once selected, the panel is persistent. It would also be nice to see all the text editor content move over to manipulate all the real estate of the text editor.

Example mock-up after thumb tack was selected:

Example of a thumb tack added to the fly-out panel. In this instance, the thumb tack is selected.

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Hi Justin, yep that's exactly what I was thinking Smiley Happy

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this UI suggested change just makes sense! we shouldn't really have to suggest this as a change. 


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Great suggestions on this.  The new RCE is nifty and clean, but without this change it will be hard for schools to adopt it because it adds too many steps to any time you add a file.

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the new rich content editor is a major downgrade to our school.  We had teachers uploading files quickly and the new editor has slowed it down considerably.  Now we have to insert files one at a time and I have many grumpy teachers unhappy with canvas. 

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Here is a related idea:  I think both ideas have some overlap but enough to be considered separate. 

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Exactly Jeff, couldn't agree more, we have not yet turned it on for our organisation due to a few issues but this being the main one. Thanks for supporting it.

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The organisation of files is still problematic (defaulting to oldest first makes no sense for our institution), but this idea would definitely help!

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Yes this makes adding a series of links on a content to a series of items very slow and time consuming especially if the items are quite a way down the list. Surely the Add list should stay open until we close it by clicking on the cross at the top right.

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I could not agree more. If I have counted correctly it now takes about 5 clicks to add a file/image instead of the 2 in the original RCE. Other issues are that the default for displaying the files is oldest first and the files are pulled from the folders that they are stored in. Present the list with the folders