[Notifications] Automatic Notification for changes in course enrollment status

Would it be possible to add a notification option for changes in course enrollment? Simply utilizing the current notification process, but with an additional option. Thus the course owner can be notified (according to their selections and chosen frequency) of dropped or added (or inactive) students, addition of TA`s, observers etc..


This would make course management for large classes, especially those that also meet and are active outside of the canvas environment, much simpler and more efficient.

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We automate most of it through SIS, but this is a specific situation. I appreciate your notes on this!

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Ours is a specialized program too, which make it not very effective to push through SIS. It can be frustrating! If you would like any specific information, you are welcome to contact me directly! I've got screenshots, walk through instructions, the whole nine-yards on how the feature worked & how it no longer exists +the tedious work around process that it takes to do the simple 2 click process that was in place before.

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To receive a decline notification would be very helpful for me too.  I receive e-mail notification when they accept, but if they decline, they disappear.  We are using this for a training course which has about 1,000 invites.

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New to Canvas, I'm coming from D2L, where it would notify an instructor when a new student was enrolled in their course. There's a request to have the same thing happen for Canvas. 

The perspective seems to be that Canvas can't (or doesn't) do this, but the Notification settings and documentation seems to suggest otherwise, but I also haven't had the time to experiment with this myself. I came across this document https://s3.amazonaws.com/tr-learncanvas/docs/CanvasNotifications.pdf page 14 (Groups) seems to suggest that if a user is enrolled in the course it notifies ... someone and that its a user preference setting.

Is this not the same thing as the idea mentioned? 

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It would be most helpful for me to be notified of students who have added the course when we do participation reporting shortly after drop add.  Students who add at the last minute require urgent instructor outreach to avoid being dropped from the course for a lack of participation.  In place of a notification, this problem could also be solved by adding a note beside the name of new additions to the course in people or grades referencing the student's start date.

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We add via SIS import so the new TA'S or instructors aren't getting a notification for their new course. This would be beneficial for our instructors and TA'S that may change in our dissertation courses to be notified that they have a new section/course/student course. 

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I'm the LMS Admin for a set of online-only programs that serve about 10,000 students through the University of Wisconsin, and I again got a request for this.  We love that Canvas now supports course-level notifications, but the most glaring absence has been any notification of when a new student is enrolled.  This is particularly important for our non-term courses where students can enroll at any time.  One of our Program Managers described this use case to me: "students can add courses whenever they want in a term, but faculty don’t always know if a student adds the course say 2 months into the 3 month subscription period."  We're investigating options to send notifications from our SIS, but a notification option in Canvas would be ideal.

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Faculty like to reach out to a student immediately that has added their course after the semester has started so they can aid them in catching up on what they missed. Some notification when a student has added a course would be helpful. Preferably a feature that can be enabled. As is always the case, no everyone wants the same functionality. This feature would then allow for us to open up online registration to students after the semester has started making our whole process more automated.

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It would be helpful if Canvas could notify instructors/TAs when there is a roster change (add or drop). Early in the quarter we sort students into groups for a project and it would be helpful to get a real-time update so we know if we need to help somebody get up to speed or rearrange a team due to a drop (since students often do not email with a heads-up that they are dropping). 

Without this notification it can be days before I realize that a student's name is no longer on the roster. Even then, if I notice our roster changed from 25 to 24, I often have to then search through course postings to determine who it was that dropped. It's not very efficient.

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I need to know when a student has enrolled in my course. Students can enroll in certain courses at any time during a semester; this creates issues when I'm unaware of a student who may or may not be signed up.