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Problem statement:

The outcomes we use in Canvas are on a 4/3/2/1/0 scale. The ratings of 4/3/2/1 are clean cut for rating student performance on an outcome on a single assignment. However, when scores on multiple assignments are averaged together, there needs to be a scale for displaying students' overall performance level. The scale of 4.0 = Highly Proficient requires that a student scores 4 EVERY time they are assessed on a standard. However, if a student scores below a 4 on any single assignment, they should not be pulled down from "Highly Proficient". There should be a grade scale range for displaying the overall performance level.

Based on what we are seeing, here are the score ranges: 4.0 = blue = Highly Proficient 3.0-3.9 = green = Proficient 2.0-2.9 = yellow = Partially Proficient 1.0-1.9 = orange = Minimally Proficient 0.0-0.9 = red = No Evidence With the scale working like this, the only time that a student will have a blue indicator for "highly proficient" is when ALL their scores for the outcome are 4s. It would be nice if we could customize these cut points while still being able to have custom descriptors for performance levels on each outcome. (We choose to not use the "Account & Course Level Outcome Mastery Scales" feature since that requires implementing a single label for each rating level. We value the ability to add specific descriptors to outcome proficiency levels that support teachers and students with having clarity into distinctions between scores.)

Here are some example outcome calculations in the Lerning Mastery Gradebook using "average" as the calculation method: 4,3,3 --> 3.3 4,3 --> 3.5 4,4,3 --> 3.7 4,4,4,3 --> 3.8 4,4,4,4,4,4,3 --> 3.9

Proposed solution:

There should be an option to set a grade scale for the Learning Mastery Gradebook that is separate from establishing the performance levels for assessing an outcome on an assignment. Here is how we would like the overall outcome scales to be set: 4.0-3.5 = Highly Proficient 2.5-3.4 = Proficient 1.5-2.4 = Partially Proficient 0.5-1.4 = Minimally Proficient 0.0-0.4 = Limited/No Evidence

This request is just like how there are ways to enter traditional scores on Canvas assignments and then there is a grade scale for the traditional gradebook to distinguish the percentages that equate to A,B,C,D,F. We need a similar option to establish overall performance levels for outcomes with a scale in addition to the scoring method used at the assignment level.


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Hi, @michelle_coots! Thanks for engaging in our community and sharing this idea. This is definitely something that I know would benefit those using proficiency-based grading. I've added this to the theme for broadening support in Canvas for competency-based education initiatives.