[Peer Review} Have two due dates for peer review assignments

For assignments that are setup for peer review, it would be useful to have two different due dates:
  • One for the students initial submission that will be reviewed by their peers
  • A second one for completing assigned peer reviews


In the current implementation, there is only one due date, which appears to be the due date for a students initial submission.  I infer this from the fact that it is the default date for assigning peer reviews to students.  From what my students have told them, once peer reviews are assigned they show up on their to-do list, but are already late since the due date is the only date for the assignment.


I think a clearer implementation would be to have an additional due date for the peer reviews, so that they don't appear to be late as soon as they are assigned.

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Anthony, are you looking at a second rubric as a means to assess the actual reviews, so there is a score for the submission and another score for the quality of the reviews provided to the other students?

We have been experimenting with setting up the rubric so that the criteria related to the assignment submission are at the top and reviewers only fill out those bits and then the criteria at the bottom are reserved for the instructor to assess the quality of the reviews provided to the other students. In the assignment description we tell students that they only have to complete the criteria related to the assignment submission. When a student looks at rubrics completed by the reviewers only the criteria related to the submission are completed and when they look at the rubric completed by the instructor, both the criteria for the submission and the criteria for the quality of the reviews are listed. It is a bit convoluted but as long as the instructions are clear it seems to work.

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Unfortunately, students will often not submit their initial discussion post until the due date.  We have allowed the follow-up comments 3 days later, but there is not a deadline alert posted on the dashboard to remind the students.  So students forget the second due date.  Yes, they are college students but they have multiple classes and deadlines.  Anything we can do to help the students be successful would be wonderful.

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Allison asked if any of the other Peer Review Feature requests outrank her 3 listed above. For me, is right up there as an essential component of this tool, and outranks the ability to automatically assign peer reviewers even if a student has not submitted work.

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I think it would be best to remove the peer review setting from the assignment and discussion setting and add is a complete new element. This way you could add a new criteria "Has done peer review". The peer review would appear as a separate element for the student:Skjermbilde 2015-09-14 kl. 08.19.38.png

It would simplify the user interface for both discussions and assignments and the user interface for peer review would be something like this:

Skjermbilde 2015-09-14 kl. 08.29.44.png

It would also be easy to check the student progress as the new element should appear in this view: How do I view the progress of my students in Modules? | Canvas Instructor Guide | Canvas Guides

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I am catching some flack from instructors who are just using this as we pass through the midterm point and they are not happy. Can we provide them with a date by which the name might be changed to "Reviews Due" or something like that to appease them for a few more months?

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A structure such as that proposed by Erlend Thune would be awesome.

Peer review function sounds like a great idea but I use it only infrequently.  I always spend extra time and talk to our local "help" desk when setting it up.  And yet because the set up is not intuitive and not clear,  the "assign peer review" step and dates never works the way I intend and I end up with many, many, emails from students.

(p.s. to TPTB - With this short-term voting, again an important issue opens and closes before I notice it is there.  Please consider changing this in consideration that faculty are pretty busy and are not browsing Canvas Community daily.)

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I tend to disagree that the "Assign Reviews" date is an actual due date for reviews to be completed. It is only available if you select the "Automatically Assign Peer Reviews" option. After doing a great deal of testing I can confirm that if you just use this setting as is, the date selected is the date that the reviewees are assigned to each student. If you don't click the button that says "Automatically Assign Reviews" on the reviews page in the assignment, Canvas will always provision the reviews on the date that you set, or if you don't set it, Canvas automatically assigns the regular assignment due date.

It has been incredibly confusing to our students because on the day that the assignment was due they get notifications saying they have been assigned students to review and when they look at it in their to do list it shows the assignment due date not the assign reviews date. I don't see anywhere that this is an actual due date for the reviews themselves.

To simplify the process I would suggest:

  • If using the Automatically Assign Reviews functionality, have it default to the date and time of the assignment due date and get rid of the assign reviews date option. I can't think of a time that a faculty member has used a date other than the assignment due date. If you want to review the assignments before assigning reviewers, just use the manual option and only make the reviewer assignments after you have had a chance to review.
  • Have a separate date field that appears in the calendar and other areas for the actual completion date of the reviews. This works for both the manual and automatic methods.

Whatever happens, the due date for the reviews is essential. I could go on, but this really is the most important feature to me.

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I very much like Erlends idea. It could be some sort of nested assignment, so the required action for a student becomes much more visible (in the calendar, in assignments, gradebook). It should have its own due date. Currently our students and teachers find the peer review process confusing.

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Several instructors hope for this feature!

Giving students a due date for their draft = perfect!

Now how to best let them know when the peer review must be done by?

  • You could tell them in the instructions,
  • Give them a calendar reminder about it,
  • Create a zero point assignment (which then begs the question "why isn't it worth points?")
  • Create a worth points assignment and have the students complete it in the Peer Review assignment and then transfer scores over (which then can cause a "I can't turn anything in" email from students.)

I hope that this is put into production, it is greatly needed.

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