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As an instructor, I want a print button on the People tab that will generate a PDF or other printable document containing student names and photos in grid format. It'd be nice if the list could be sorted by groups, too.


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Originally posted by: Steve Hallman
Thank you especially for contributions by: Glen Parker, Miles Mancini, Richard Meyer

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Yea I would also love this feature at our institution as well. Our team doesnt have time to build a custom solution so anything Canvas could provide here would be a huge help. Even if we made the profile pictures bigger we could then use the print to pdf solution. 

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It would be WONDERFUL to have the ability to print a photo roster from the People area of a course container.  Something similar to what Yale has implemented - https://help.canvas.yale.edu/m/55452/l/914660-people-tool-versus-photo-roster


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Yes... this would be excellent... 

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